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How to Draw a Scarecrow Step by Step

A scarecrow is a figure that stands at the edge of a field to guard it from birds trampling on the grain. Scarecrows are usually made of straw, and I don't know when they became one of the elements of Halloween.

how to draw a scarecrow -

In today's drawing tutorial, let's learn how to draw a scarecrow. He is very cute and looks like a humanoid lollipop. If you want to have him, follow the step by step instructions below to try to draw him out!

how to draw a scarecrow -


Draw a Scarecrow PDF (Click to download for free.)

√ Drawing Papers (You can get it easily and I would say almost any paper can be used.)

√ Pencils / Markers / Crayons / Watercolors (Remember to use a pen with a fine tip when outlining.)


Preschoolers and kids of all ages


About 0.5 hour


How to Draw a Scarecrow Step by Step

Step 1 Draw this scarecrow's straw hat.

how to draw a scarecrow -

We can start by drawing an angled triangle. Then draw a trapezoid at its base. This gives us the outline of this straw hat.

To this straw hat, I'll add some straight lines to make it look more realistic. This completes our straw hat for this scarecrow.

What do you think of this hat? If you wish to design another shape of hat for this scarecrow, go ahead and try it.

Step 2 Draw the head of this scarecrow.

how to draw a scarecrow -

Draw a circle for the head of this scarecrow at the bottom of the already drawn straw hat. We don't need to draw the whole circle, just half of it.

Next you can add the face to the scarecrow. Draw two small symmetrical ovals for the eyes and blacken them. Of course his eyes can be round or any other shape.

Below the eyes, draw a curve from left to right to get a smile. This way we have easily finished the face of this scarecrow.

Step 3 Draw one of the arms of this scarecrow.

how to draw a scarecrow -

When drawing the right arm of this scarecrow, we'll finish it in two parts - first draw a sleeve, then add an arm.

Start by drawing a wide, short sleeve that consists of three straight lines, with the top one being the longest and angled slightly to the right.

On the right side of this sleeve, we just need to draw two lines to get a sharp corner, and that completes one of the arms of this scarecrow - super easy!

Step 4 Draw the other arm of this scarecrow.

how to draw a scarecrow -

Next, we will follow a similar approach to draw the left arm of this scarecrow. If you've already completed the first arm, you won't be confused about it in any way.

Start by drawing a short sleeve, also the top line is the longest, but it is angled to the left. This sleeve should be about the same length as the first one.

Then draw the other arm of this scarecrow to the left of this sleeve. You will notice that this arm is slightly shorter than the one on the right.

Step 5 Draw the body of this scarecrow.

how to draw a scarecrow -

We've already drawn the sleeves of this scarecrow, so drawing his body next will also be easy and we can finish it quickly.

Draw a line down from each sleeve. The line on the left is angled to the right and the one on the right is angled to the left. This completes the sides of the body.

Finish the body of this scarecrow - it looks like a t-shirt - by drawing a final line to connect the bottoms of those two lines.

Step 6 Draw this scarecrow's clothes.

how to draw a scarecrow -

Find the center point at the bottom of the body. Draw a straight line from the chin of this scarecrow toward this point.

Next, we are going to draw and color three circles to the right of this line. This completes the buttons on this dress.

We need to note that these three buttons should be the same size and spaced similarly from top to bottom.

Step 7 Draw the bottom of this scarecrow.

how to draw a scarecrow -

This way the scarecrow is already finished, we will not draw his legs, but will add a support pole for him, by which he stands in the farmyard.

Here we draw a curve underneath the body of the scarecrow, which you can see as part of a circle.

Of course, this is not necessary, but you can make it look like any other shape, a rectangle or a triangle, for example.

Step 8 Draw the support pole for this scarecrow.

how to draw a scarecrow -

At the bottom of that curve drawn in the previous step, we are going to draw a triangle. Don't draw it too big, about the same size as that curve formed.

One of the corners of this triangle is facing up and intersects that curve. Then we'll draw a thin stick at the bottom of this triangle.

You can notice that we didn't draw that stick very long, you can determine its length to your liking.

Step 9 Color this cute scarecrow.

how to draw a scarecrow -

Congratulations, you are very close to finishing this scarecrow, just need to add more color to him.

The picture above is a coloring scheme for your reference, you can simply color according to this or you can design your own to get a unique one of a kind scarecrow.

You need to notice that we also made some shading effects when we colored this scarecrow, so it will look more three-dimensional and beautiful, try it if you like.

Guys, have you learned how to draw a scarecrow yet?

how to draw a scarecrow -