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How to Draw Alice Step by Step

Alice is the protagonist of the famous children's work Alice in Wonderland, written by nineteenth-century British author Lewis Carroll.

In 1893, Alice appeared for the first time in a blue dress and blonde hair, and since then this image has become one of the most representative classic image of Alice.

Alice goes down a rabbit hole into a strange, wacky and absurd world. In this fantasy world, Alice shrinks to the size of her thumb when she drinks a small bottle of drink; her body grows larger when she eats a piece of cake and gets stuck in a door……

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In this fantastically crazy world, it seems that Alice is the only sane person, and she continues to recognize herself and grow in her adventure ......

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is loved by readers of all ages, and today in our drawing tutorial, we're going to learn how to draw Alice. She wears a blue dress and has blonde hair, the most classic image of Alice.

Do you like Alice in Alice in Wonderland? If so, try to follow the step by step instructions below to draw her. It's not easy and you need to try to stay patient.

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Draw Alice PDF (Click to download for free.)

√ Drawing Papers (You can get it easily and I would say almost any paper can be used.)

√ Pencils / Markers / Crayons / Watercolors (Remember to use a pen with a fine tip when outlining.)


Elementary school students


About 1.5 hour


How to Draw Alice from Alice in Wonderland Step by Step

Step 1 Outline Alice's face.

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Step 2 Draw Alice's hair and hairband.

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Step 3 Draw Alice's eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth.

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Step 4 Draw Alice's body and an arm.

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Step 5 Draw Alice's other arm.

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Step 6 Draw Alice's dress.

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Step 7 Finish Alice's dress.

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Step 8 Draw Alice's legs.

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Step 9 Coloring for Alice, you're done!

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Guys, have you learned how to draw Alice yet?

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