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How to Draw Toothless Step by Step

How to Train Your Dragon is an animated movie produced by DreamWorks Animation. The story follows Hiccup, a Viking teenager living on the island of Bork, who must pass a dragon taming quiz to officially become a Viking warrior.

With the test coming up, Hiccup, who is kind, brave and smart, must take advantage of this one and only chance to prove to his clan and his dad that he's worth existing.

But when Hiccup meets an injured dragon and becomes friends with this dragon, Hiccup's world changes forever.

how to draw toothless -

And that wounded dragon is Toothless. He is a very rare and most dangerously intelligent dragon, very different from other dragons, resembling a bat with black scales attached to his body.

In today's drawing tutorial, we are going to learn how to draw Toothless. As we have already mentioned, he is nothing like the traditional image of a dragon, it's like a salamander with a pair of bat wings.

We will begin by drawing Toothless' head, then his forelimbs and body, then his hind limbs, tail and wings. You can also try drawing a mouth on his face or have his eyes look in other directions.

how to draw toothless -


Draw Toothless PDF (Click to download for free.)

√ Drawing Papers (You can get it easily and I would say almost any paper can be used.)

√ Pencils / Markers / Crayons / Watercolors (Remember to use a pen with a fine tip when outlining.)


Elementary school students


About 0.5 hour


How to Draw Toothless Step by Step

Step 1 Outline the Toothless's head.

how to draw toothless -

Let's start by trying to draw the outline of Toothless' head. I don't know how, but when I see this outline I can't help but think of Pikachu, do you think they are similar?

We will draw the head first and then add the ears. Draw an oval shape that tilts to the right, leaving two gaps at the top.

At the gap on the left, we draw one of Toothless' long ears. Do the same at that gap on the right. This completes the outline of Toothless' head.

Step 2 Complete the Toothless's head.

how to draw toothless -

At the top of Toothless's head, between the two ears, draw two horn-like shapes, their tops being sharp horns.

To the left of the left ear, draw an upside down "U" shape. Do the same near the right ear. Okay, now all that's left to add to Toothless' head are the eyes.

On the lower part of Toothless' face, or mostly on the lower part, draw two ovals for his eyes. Add a circle inside each oval.

Step 3 Draw one of Toothless' legs.

how to draw toothless -

Having completed Toothless's head, next we will not rush to draw his body, but first draw a front leg - the one on the left.

This leg is very thick, and it's shaped to look like a ceramic vase. At the bottom of this leg you need to leave four small gaps.

At each gap we draw a small oval. These are Toothless' claws, don't they look sharp? Well, we have completed one of Toothless' legs and the others can be done in a similar way.

Step 4 Draw one of Toothless' legs and body.

how to draw toothless -

To the right of the already drawn leg, we draw the other front leg as in the previous step. They are roughly symmetrical.

You need to notice that we will only draw one claw, why is that? If you've looked closely at the final artwork, you know that Toothless' tail will partially overlap this leg.

After drawing Toothless's front legs, we draw a short line between them to connect them to get Toothless's body.

Step 5 Draw Toothless' one back leg.

how to draw toothless -

Let's look to the right leg of the one already drawn. We're going to draw a back leg to the right of it.Toothless is in a sitting position at this point.

Draw a big foot first and then add sharp claws. You'll notice that this time we're drawing the claws differently than we did earlier, instead adding some small triangles to finish them off.

After drawing the foot, draw a curve to connect it to one of the front legs. Okay, this back leg on the right is done!

Step 6 Draw Toothless' tail and one foot.

how to draw toothless -

Now let's look at the leg on the left and draw a foot to the left of it and add four sharp claws. We only need to draw this foot, the leg is blocked by the body.

On the right side of the body, we draw Toothless' long tail, like a snake's. You need to notice its changing pattern from thick to thin.

Near the end of this tail, we will also draw two wing-like shapes. It is they that block one of Toothless' legs.

Step 7 Draw one of Toothless' wings.

how to draw toothless -

The lovely Toothless is nearly finished, only his wings remain. In this step we will first finish the one on the right - like a bat's wing.

This wing is smooth on one side and has some sharp corners on the other. You can finish the smooth side first, this part is relatively easy.

Don't draw this wing too big - it won't even go over Toothless' head. Also, you need to pay attention to the position of this wing, the relative height compared to the head.

Step 8 Draw Toothless' other wing.

how to draw toothless -

On the left side of Toothless' body, we are going to draw his other wing. This wing will be positioned slightly higher than the other.

Again, we'll draw the smooth side of this wing first, and then we'll finish the rest. You've already drawn one, so it shouldn't bother you too much.

At this point, this adorable Toothless is done, and all you need to do next is color him to get him alive!

Step 9 Color the cute Toothless.

how to draw toothless -

Next, it's time to color our playful, curious, and smart Toothless. All we need are black, gray, and yellow crayons or watercolors.

Of course, if you're drawing his mouth, you might want to use red paint as well. You can also try to draw his collar, which will require other colors of paint.

Well, congratulations, you've worked hard to create this unique and one-of-a-kind dragon!

Guys, have you learned how to draw Toothless yet?

how to draw toothless -