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How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf Step by Step

The eagle is the sky overlord, the fox is the symbol of wisdom, and the wolf is the king of the grassland. Wolves are fierce, alert, and intelligent animals who never fight alone, relying on close cooperation between groups for food.

Wolves were once found throughout North America, but now in North America they can only be found in the grasslands and forests of Alaska, Minnesota, and British Columbia.

Wolves prey mainly on medium to large mammals. They are mostly active at night, good at running, with high endurance, and often use constant pursuit to obtain prey.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -

Wolf packs have an extremely strict hierarchy. The number of wolves in a pack is around 7, and some packs have more than 30 wolves. Wolves have their own areas of activity and will announce their range to other wolves by howling.

In today's drawing tutorial, we are going to learn how to draw a wolf. It has a big head, rabbit-like ears, a long thin neck and looks very funny.

How about it, guys do you like this cartoon wolf? It looks like it is sitting nicely and listening to a story! If you like it, follow the step by step instructions below and try to draw it.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -


Draw a Cartoon Wolf PDF (Click to download for free.)

√ Drawing Papers (You can get it easily and I would say almost any paper can be used.)

√ Pencils / Markers / Crayons / Watercolors (Remember to use a pen with a fine tip when outlining.)


Elementary school students


About 0.5 hour


How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf Step by Step

Step 1 Draw the big eyes of this wolf.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -

This wolf has an exaggerated expression, so when drawing its face, we are drawing it in a special way. Like in this step, for example, we're going to draw two big eyes for it.

Start by drawing a circle. Then inside it, in the lower left position, draw a small circle to complete one of the eyes of this wolf.

On the left side of the already drawn eye, draw an arc and a small circle inside it to complete the left eye of the wolf.

Step 2 Draw this wolf's nose and mouth.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -

In this step, let's first try to draw the long mouth of this wolf. It is shaped to look like the hull of a ship.

On the right side of this mouth, we are going to draw three feather-like shapes to get the fur effect on this wolf's face.

While drawing this wolf's mouth, we are going to leave a gap on the left side. Now draw an oval shape in this gap to get its nose.

Step 3 Draw the top of this wolf's head and teeth.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -

Let's look to the eyes of this wolf and draw a curved line across the top of them to connect them, thus getting the top of this wolf's head, which looks like it's wearing a little hat.

This wolf's mouth is closed, so we don't need to draw more detail, but here we're going to add two upper jaw teeth to it.

Draw the shape of an inverted shark dorsal fin at the base of the mouth, and then draw another one next to it. The one on the left of it should be slightly larger.

Step 4 Draw the long ears of this wolf.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -

Even though it's a wolf, we plan to draw it with two ears like a rabbit's, which makes it look even funnier!

Start by drawing the outline of this wolf's ears on the top of the head. The left ear looks like a boomerang and the right like a petal.

Then draw the inner ears of this wolf by adding lines in its ears. The head of this cartoon wolf is complete.

Step 5 Draw this wolf's neck, body and one leg.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -

Get the neck of this wolf by drawing two vertical lines down at the base of the head, right below that eye on the right.

Draw a smooth curve from the bottom of that vertical line on the left toward the bottom left to draw this wolf's chest and belly.

Below that vertical line on the right, let's try to draw one of its front legs that looks like its arm.

Step 6 Draw the back legs of this wolf.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -

At the bottom of the body, draw the back leg on the right, which is close to an oval. Leave a gap on its left side and draw three sharp paws.

Draw a short line between this leg and the already drawn one of the front legs and we have completed the body of this wolf.

Draw a short curve on the left side of the body and then draw three sharp paws. The back legs of this wolf are also finished.

Step 7 Draw this wolf's belly and paws.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -

Let's look to the front leg of the one already drawn. Although three toes have been drawn, we still need to add three sharp paws.

Draw this wolf's belly by identifying a point at the chest and drawing a smooth curve down from this point to reach a back leg.

This wolf with a big head and a small body is close to being finished, and this imbalance of proportions is the effect we hope to achieve!

Step 8 Draw this wolf's long tail.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -

Before we color it, let's add the last part of this wolf - a long, fluffy tail.

Starting at the back of this wolf, at the base of that front leg, draw a wavy line toward the top right. Then below it, draw another wavy line along it.

Draw a jagged line from top to bottom to connect the right ends of those two wavy lines, and finish this wolf's tail while getting the fur effect.

Step 9 Color it to complete this wolf.

how to draw a cartoon wolf -

As you can see above, here we chose brown to color this wolf, and a lighter color on the inner ears, and belly.

You need to notice that we chose a darker brown color for the leg on the back and a darker color for the paws on this leg.

When coloring this wolf's nose, we're going to leave a capsule-like shape that retains its original white color.

Guys, have you learned how to draw a cartoon wolf yet?

how to draw a cartoon wolf -