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How to Draw a Cow Step by Step

Milk is fully nutritious and is a suitable drink for long term consumption to improve the body's physical fitness and also to replenish calcium. You probably drink milk every day, but do you know those little secrets of cows?

Experiments have shown that milk production decreases when cows listen to rock music and increases significantly when they hear soft music!

Because the eyes are distributed on both sides of the head, cows can see all around and behind them. Compared to a human's field of vision of about 180 degrees, a cow's field of vision extends over 300 degrees, giving it an almost panoramic view.

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Cows have one of the most acute senses of smell in the world, and are said to be able to detect odors from places 5-6 miles away. In addition to their keen sense of smell, they also have a very acute sense of hearing.

In today's drawing tutorial, we are going to learn how to draw a cow. It has a big nose that looks exaggerated, which makes it kind of funny, don't you think?

I think we can all draw its body with relative ease, but the head is going to be a little bit harder, so we're going to have to put our best foot forward at the beginning.

how to draw a cow -


Draw a Cow PDF (Click to download for free.)

√ Drawing Papers (You can get it easily and I would say almost any paper can be used.)

√ Pencils / Markers / Crayons / Watercolors (Remember to use a pen with a fine tip when outlining.)


Elementary school students


About 1 hour


How to Draw a Cow Step by Step

Step 1 Draw the eyes of this cow.

how to draw a cow -

Start by drawing a nearly vertical oval. Draw a small oval inside it. You need to pay attention to the position of this small oval.

To the left of this eye, we draw an oval that tilts to the right. Then finish this eye by drawing a curve inside it.

Doesn't it already feel a bit funny just seeing this cow's eyes? You need to notice that the one on the left looks a little bit smaller.

Step 2 Draw the ears and horns of this cow.

how to draw a cow -

In this step, we're going to draw the outline of this cow's head before we add its horns and ears. Don't draw its head too big, we want to emphasize the bigness of its nose!

Leave a gap when drawing the top of this cow's head and draw a horn here. Draw another cow horn on its left side.

Draw an ear on the bottom left of the horn on the left. Then draw the other ear of this cow below the horn on the right.

Step 3 Draw this cow's nose.

how to draw a cow -

Let's start by observing this cow's nose - it's nearly round in shape in addition to being big. Let's try to draw the outline of this nose first and leave a gap on the right side.

Draw a nostril in that gap. Then add another to the left side of this nose and this big nose of the cow is complete.

Draw a line from the top of this nose to the bottom of that eye on the left. Then draw a line from the bottom of the nose toward the top right to get the chin.

Step 4 Draw the neck and back of this cow.

how to draw a cow -

Let's look to that ear on the right and draw a line starting next to it toward the bottom right to get the side of the neck.

From the right end of this line draw another line about the same length toward the right. Then draw a longer line from the right end of this newly obtained line toward the right to get the back of this cow.

Let's look to the chin of this cow. Draw a curve from its base toward the bottom right to get the neck of this cow.

Step 5 Draw the two legs of this cow.

how to draw a cow -

Below the neck of this cow, draw one of its front legs. This leg is thick at the top, thin at the bottom, and quite short, and looks out of proportion to its body, which is intentional.

Draw a back leg to the right of this leg. It has almost the same features as the leg we just drew, but looks longer.

This basically gives us a good idea of what the cow looks like, we just need to draw the rest of the legs, the tail and the markings on the body.

Step 6 Draw one leg and the belly of this cow.

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To the left of the already drawn front leg, we draw the other front leg.

You may have noticed that the bottom of this leg sits a little higher than the other leg, this is because it is on the back side and that is how we see it.

From the right side of the first front leg we drew, draw a smooth curve towards the top right. Then draw another curve from this line toward the bottom right to get the belly of this cow.

Step 7 Draw one leg and udder of this cow.

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In this step we're going to do it in order from top to bottom, drawing this cow's udder first and then the other back leg.

Between the last line drawn in the previous step, and the back leg, we draw the udder of this cow.

At the bottom of the udder, draw the last leg of the cow. Since it is obscured, we only need to draw part of this leg. The bottom of this leg should also be positioned higher than the other back leg.

Step 8 Draw this cow's markings and tail.

how to draw a cow -

On the body of this cute cow, we are going to add some markings, just like the way we often see cows.

You don't need to be nervous when adding these markings, just add them a little bit at random, we don't need to be exactly the same as the picture above.

On the right side of the body, we add a tail. This funny cow has been drawn, is not it simple and fun?

Step 9 Color this cute cow.

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Lastly, it's simple to color this cow; roughly, you only need five or six colors to color it, and most of its body needs no coloring.

If you think your art is a bit monotonous, try drawing grass, sky, clouds, etc. next to the cow.

If you like to play, you can also change the eyes of this cow, which will make it look in different directions and give it different funny looks.

Guys, have you learned how to draw a cow yet?

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