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How to Draw a Kangaroo Step by Step

The kangaroo, found mainly on the Australian continent, is a symbol of Australia. It appears on Australia's currency and has also become one of the animals on the country's coat of arms.

Kangaroos aren't just the one species you see all the time, there are actually more than 50 species of kangaroos. Some are as tall as people and some are as short as cats.

A kangaroo's pocket is not always open like the pockets on our clothes, but is tight so it look like a belly button. Also, male kangaroos do not have pockets.

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Kangaroos can only jump, can not walk. For kangaroos, jumping is faster and more energy efficient than walking. Kangaroos will only jump forward, never backward.

In today's drawing tutorial, let's learn how to draw a kangaroo. It is wearing a red short-sleeved t-shirt, a very short one that makes it look very cute and a little bit funny!

As you can see, the more difficult things to do when drawing this kangaroo would be its head and hands, so concentrate more when drawing them.

how to draw a kangaroo -


Draw a Kangaroo PDF (Click to download for free.)

√ Drawing Papers (You can get it easily and I would say almost any paper can be used.)

√ Pencils / Markers / Crayons / Watercolors (Remember to use a pen with a fine tip when outlining.)


Preschoolers and kids of all ages


About 0.5 hour


How to Draw a Kangaroo Step by Step

Step 1 Outline the head of this kangaroo.

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Let's start by trying to draw the outline of this kangaroo's head. It has a round head with a hair-like shape at the top of the head and a gap at the bottom right.

Start by drawing a circle of the right size, leaving a gap at the top and at the bottom right. Pay attention to which gap is larger.

Let's look towards the gap at the top of the head. Draw a wavy line here to get three feather-like shapes.

Step 2 Draw the nose and mouth of this kangaroo.

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Next let's look to that gap at the bottom right where we'll draw this kangaroo's nose first and then add its mouth.

To the right of this gap, draw a nose that's close to an oval shape and connect it to one end of this gap.

Near the other end of this gap, draw a curve from left to right to reach the bottom of the nose, creating a valley. Then add a short line to the left end of this curve.

Step 3 Draw the ears and eyes of this kangaroo.

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Draw two large ears on top of this kangaroo's head. You should also have noticed that the one on the left looks bigger because it's closer to us.

Inside each ear, we draw a small oval for the inner ear. This kangaroo's ears are now complete.

Now let's look at the face of this kangaroo. Between the right ear and the nose, we draw an oval for the eye. Then draw another oval on its left side.

Step 4 Draw one of the arms of this kangaroo.

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Below the corner of that mouth, at the bottom of the head, we draw a "U" shape for the collar of this kangaroo.

On the left side of the collar, we draw the sleeve of the T-shirt that the kangaroo is wearing. Make it a little bigger so that it looks like the kangaroo's arms are the right size.

Next we can draw one of the kangaroo's arms to the left of the short sleeve. It's not a thick arm and it's not too long, with five fingers on its hand.

Step 5 Draw this kangaroo's t-shirt.

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Before we draw the body of this kangaroo, let's draw its t-shirt. This is a t-shirt that looks especially small and is particularly cute on its body!

Draw a line from that left sleeve toward the bottom left. Then start at the bottom of the neckline and draw a line toward the bottom right. Draw a line from left to right connecting the bottom of the first two lines.

To the right of the already drawn body of the t-shirt, draw the other sleeve of this t-shirt. There, we have finished this small t-shirt.

Step 6 Draw the body and one leg of this kangaroo.

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Let's look to the bottom of this t-shirt, near the right end, and draw a smooth curve down from here to get the belly of this kangaroo.

Draw a curve down from the left end of the bottom of this T-shirt as well. Then draw another top-to-bottom curve to the right of this line to get one of the legs of this kangaroo.

Draw an incomplete oval at the bottom of this leg for one of the feet of this kangaroo. You need to make this kangaroo chubby and this leg is short and thick.

Step 7 Draw a leg and tail for this kangaroo.

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On the right side of the body, we're going to draw the other leg of this kangaroo. This leg looks almost exactly like the one we drew in the previous step.

Starting at the belly, draw a curve downward. Then draw a foot at the bottom of this curve. This foot should be positioned slightly higher.

Take a point on the left side of the body. It's probably about the same height as the bottom of that t-shirt. From this point draw two curves towards the bottom right to reach the body to complete this kangaroo's tail.

Step 8 Draw the other arm of this kangaroo.

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Well, next it's time to draw the other arm of this kangaroo, thus completing this cute kangaroo!

Let's look at that sleeve on the right. Draw two curves from this sleeve towards the top right. These two lines are wider on the left and narrower on the right.

At the right end of these two lines, draw four small ovals to get a thumbs up hand. This is our cute kangaroo!

Step 9 Color this kangaroo wearing a t-shirt.

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We chose brown as the body color of this kangaroo, which is closer to its real color. Then blacken the eyes and nose, you need to notice that we left a white dot on each eye.

We will paint the ears of this kangaroo pink. Then you can choose any color you like to color that t-shirt.

You may have also noticed that we will add a darker color to the bottom of this t-shirt. Well, this cute little kangaroo is done!

Guys, have you learned how to draw a Kangaroo yet?

how to draw a kangaroo -