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How to Draw an Eagle Step by Step

The eagle has a wide distribution and is found on all continents of the world. Half of them live in open plains, meadows and hilly areas, while making their homes in high trees or cliffs.

Eagles have incredibly sharp beaks and talons and are strong. They often fly alone at high altitudes and feed mainly on small birds, rodents, snakes and insects, but also on poultry and carrion.

The eagle's eyes, which are the same color as a lion's, have excellent eyesight, enabling it to see every move of its prey at high altitude, far away from it.

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Why don't eagles fall when they glide through the sky? Eagles don't keep their wings still while soaring through the air; after gliding for a while they flap their wings a few times to maintain a certain speed.

In today's drawing tutorial, we are going to learn how to draw a beautiful eagle. It seems to be resting on top of a high cliff, declaring its ownership of this vast land!

We are going to draw a side of this eagle in order from top to bottom. This is a simple drawing tutorial that can be done even if you are just learning to draw by carefully following the step by step instructions below.

how to draw an eagle -


Draw an Eagle PDF (Click to download for free.)

√ Drawing Papers (You can get it easily and I would say almost any paper can be used.)

√ Pencils / Markers / Crayons / Watercolors (Remember to use a pen with a fine tip when outlining.)


Preschoolers and kids of all ages


About 0.5 hour


How to Draw an Eagle Step by Step

Step 1 Draw this eagle's beak.

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Let's start by drawing the sharp beak of this eagle, which looks like a leaf, and we will draw its upper and lower jaws separately.

Start by drawing a smooth curve from the bottom left to the top right. Then start from the left end of this line and draw a curve towards the upper right to get the upper jaw of this eagle.

Starting from the line you just drew, draw a line to the right. Then connect the right end of this line to the right end of the first line we drew.

Step 2 Draw one of the eyes of this eagle.

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Since we are drawing one side of this eagle, we don't need to draw all the eyes, just one of its eyes.

To the right of the already drawn beak, not too far away, first draw a line from left to right. Then draw a line under it connecting its ends to get the outline of this eye.

Inside this eye, draw a curve to form a valley to complete the eye of this eagle. The face of this eagle is now complete.

Step 3 Draw the head and neck of this eagle.

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Let's look to the top of this eagle's beak and draw a smooth curve from here to the right to get the top of this eagle's head.

Then extend the right end of this line toward the bottom right to get another smooth curve. This is the side of this eagle's neck.

Again, let's look to the bottom of that beak and draw a wavy line down from here to get the other side of the neck.

Step 4 Draw the feathers on the neck of this eagle.

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In order to make this eagle look more realistic and also to make it look more majestic, so we are going to draw the feather effect at the base of its neck.

As shown in the image above, we draw a jagged line from left to right in order to connect the sides of the neck. This doesn't need to be precise and you can do it easily.

Well, with the above steps, we have drawn the head of this eagle and you won't find it difficult to draw its body next.

Step 5 Draw one of the wings of this eagle.

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In this step we are going to draw one of the wings of this eagle and on this wing we are going to draw the feathers as well. You need to notice the size of this wing, it should be slightly bigger than the head.

Let's start by drawing the left edge of this wing. Starting at the base of the neck, draw a line first towards the bottom left and then extend it towards the bottom right.

Draw a line to the right of the one you have already drawn that is angled to the left. Then draw another line to the right of this newly obtained line. Finally draw the right side of this wing.

Step 6 Draw the body of this eagle.

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On this eagle's wing, we're also going to add a wavy line, which will give this wing a more textured look.

On this wing, draw a wavy line from the bottom left towards the top right, the further to the right the bigger the wave.

Let's look at the base of the neck of this eagle and draw a curve from the far left side towards the lower right to reach that wing, thus getting the belly of this eagle.

Step 7 Draw this eagle's tail.

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Let's go ahead and draw this eagle's tail. It has a long beautiful tail that looks like one of the leaves of a daffodil.

Start at the base of that wing and draw a curve toward the bottom right. Then next to it, draw another one along it and connect it to the right end.

On the already drawn tail, draw three curves in the direction of the tail. Okay, this eagle's tail is also finished!

Step 8 Draw one of the legs of this eagle.

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Finally let's draw one of the legs of this eagle. This leg looks very thick and that talon is big and sharp, no wonder the eagle can be the king of the sky!

Draw a curve down from the belly to get the left side of this leg. Then draw a wavy line from the tail towards the bottom left to complete the leg.

Draw this eagle's talon at the bottom of the already drawn leg. This talon is big and the left toe appears longer.

Step 9 Color this beautiful eagle.

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We can refer to the picture above to color this eagle. Its beak and talon are yellow, while the leg and tail are brown, the head and body are one color, and the wing consist of two colors.

You can also check out more pictures of eagles in books or online so that you can choose those colors that you feel are more appropriate to color it.

If you find it a bit boring to just draw an eagle, try drawing a high cliff at its base and the sky and earth in the distance. Trust me, it's not that hard to do!

Guys, have you learned how to draw an eagle yet?

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